Implosion Explosion: I. E. 03
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From June 30 to July 13, everyone on Team 3 became more than friends.  We all became family.  We've laughed together, wiped away each other's tears, and driven each other crazy - but hey, that's what families do, right?  Together, we've experienced ministry in the streets of Quito and seen hundreds of people come to know Christ as their Savior!

It's hard to believe that it's already over, difficult to separate ourselves from our new family.  We do have incredible memories to look back on, though.  I want y'all (yes, I wrote y'all) to look at these pictures, snapshots of our time spent together, and remember all the moments we've shared that were filled with happiness.  Fellow Princes and Princesses, WHATEVER!

Team 3 Forever!

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